The platform for crystallography is located on site of the Station Biologique de Roscoff. It is composed of two parts: i) Crystallogenesis ii) Diffraction - 3D Structure Determination & Refinement.


The personnel of the platform accompanies and guides any structural project that uses the approach of protein crystallography. More specifically the personnel can :

  • Assure and accompany the access to the machines (crystallization robot & diffractometer, as well as access to synchrotron radiation)

  • Evaluate the feasibility (time needed, cost, novelty, difficulty..) of presented projects

  • Follow and accompany the projects along all steps of the approach

Principal Equipments

> A unit for production and detection of X-rays : rotating anode NONIUS/BRUKER.

Diffractometer with microfocus, equipped with a four-circle goniometer and a bi-dimensional CCD detector.
Cryocooling facility and installation to freeze, store and collect the data at 100 K

> Nano-drop dispensing robot for crystallogenesis

A nano-drop dispensing robot of the type ‘Honeybee’ from Protein Solutions, for the setup of crystallization trials in 96-well format.
Rooms/storage to setup trials at 18°C and 4°C.

> Access to a informatics server and dedicated software

1 calculation cluster with 6 processors (Linux); network of 6 PC (linux) with graphical devices for data treatment and analysis. Support for the use of all classical software suites used in protein crystallography for interactive construction, visualization and analysis of 3D biomolecule structures.