Mass Spectrometry

Our teams and equipment provide the means for mass spectrometry studies, from the atom to the macromolecule. The facility is made up of three sections: Stable Isotopes, Metabolomics and Biological Macromolecules, each with its own head engineer. The facility is set up at the MetaboMER facility in Roscoff


  • Mass measurements of biological compounds
  • Identification of metabolites
  • Identification of proteins
  • Quantification
  • Analysis of stable isotopes
  • Elemental analysis

The MetaboMER facility in Roscoff houses scientific equipment for mass spectrometry studies of metabolism from the cell level to the ecosystem level using isotope labelling and characterisation of small macromolecules. Highly specific, these services specialise in matrices of marine origin and are committed to the development of marine metabolomics.

A certified CORSAIRE facility of Biogenouest, MetaboMER also benefits from the other core facilities at Roscoff (bioinformatics, genomics, protein crystallography, and imaging).

The facility is open to the scientific community, public and private, dedicated mainly to the study of marine organisms and ecosystems. It is also available for other collaborations in its field of expertise.

MetaboMER also strives to be part of certified collaboration centres on the regional level (GIS Europôle Mer, Competitiveness Clusters Mer-Bretagne and Valorial, Axe4 Biogenouest, the LIPIDOMOUEST group), on the national level (French network of metabolomics and flowomics, IBISA, large investment projects IDEALG, EMBRC-Fr, Oceanomics, LabexMER) and on the international level (ASSEMBLE I3, ESFRI EMBRC, UMI CNRS-PUC Chili and GDRI). 


  • Services
  • Long-term projects

The analytical skills developed within EMBRC-France also provide services for advanced quantitative or qualitative analyses across a large range of molecules extracted from biological matrices of diverse origin (animal, plant, microbial): algae, cell cultures, filters, sediments, particulate matter, seawater, tissues, etc.

The facility also carries out occasional services or studies as part of long-term scientific projects that require extensive analyses.

Main equipment

  • Electrophoresis 
  • Automated Solid-Phase Extraction
  • Cryo-mill
  • Nano Liquid Chromatography (Easy-nLC)
  • Maldi TOF Mass spectrometry (Voyager-DE STR)
  • LC-MS Mass spectrometry (LTQ Orbitrap)
  • Thermal desorber (coupled with GC-MS)
  • GC-MS
  • Gas interface: Conflo III (Thermo Fisher)
  • Isotope Mass Ratio Spectrometer: Delta Plus (Thermo Fisher)
  • Elemental analyser Flash EA 1112 (Thermo Fisher)

Involvement in networks and infrastructures

Western France Metabolomics Network CORSAIRE

Certified facilities

Biogenouest facility CORSAIRE
ISO9001:2008 certification in progress