Our Services

The Marine Biological Resource Centre National, EMBRC-France (Sorbonne Université / CNRS) offers easier access to ecosystems and marine resources of the English Channel and the Mediterranean. These services are intended for academic research groups and businesses for applications in various fields of biotechnology to medicine through aquaculture.

  • Shipping or direct access to marine resources cultivated or collected in the Channel or the Mediterranean (more than 250 species of macraoalgues, vertebrates, invertebrates) as well as genetic resources.
  • Access to ecosystems and scientific ships dive teams are at your disposal for your experiments.
  • Using technology platforms: the EMBRC-France laboratories have instrumentation 'omics' (sequencing, bioinformatics, imaging, structural and chemical analysis) to describe in their entirety biological molecules (genes, transcripts, proteins, metabolites).
  • Training
  • Scientific stay: for your stay, laboratories and experimental facilities can be made available on demand. The marine stations also have shelters and food for the organization of your stay.