Marine Biological Resources

Improving farming techniques of marine organisms


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Development of expertise and research in biology is based on the provision of organisms grown under controlled ex situ conditions. Research and development activities EMBRC-France aim to improve cultivation techniques of various marine organisms and thus the quality of the resource for the benefit of the scientific community.

Studies conducted under EMBRC-France focus on the optimization of culture conditions, the seasonal adjustment of the breeding, cryopreservation, but also the methods of transporting a wide variety of organisms.

Among all the studied model organisms include sea urchin (Paracentrotus), cuttlefish (Sepia), ascidians (Ciona, Phallusia, Botryllus), Medusa (Clytia), amphioxus (Branchiostoma), dogfish (Scyliorhinus ) and variety of microorganisms (microalgae, bacteria).


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