Supply of biological resources


EMBRC-France proposes the provision of marine organisms and especially of model organisms for which there are genomic resources and tools

Key resources

  • A wide variety of marine organisms collected from the natural environment in the Channel and Mediterranean

  • ​A selection of model organisms grown

  • Collections of marine microorganism cultures(>3000 strains of microalgae, prokaryotes, viruses).).

  • E-infrastructure and genome analysis tools associated with model organisms

To come up
Collection of macroalgae cultures (Roscoff)
Collection of marine bacteria strains:  : Microbial Observatory Laboratoire ARAGO (Banyuls) ,cell cultures (invertebrates, fish) (Banyuls)
Genetical ressources :  collections of marine models mutants (jellyfish Clytia, microalgae Phaeodactylum Ostreococcus and the macroalgae Ectocarpus, Synechococcus and Vibrionaceae prokaryotes)
Modular platform for experimentation in controlled conditions (Roscoff)

Involvement in networks and infrastructure

TEFOR Infastructure : Web Site
Tefor is a national infrastructure in biology and health which aims to develop an innovative platform for two alternative animal models, zebrafish and Drosophila. This platform aims to study gene transfer, generation and phenotyping of mutations which are important issues for the health.