Scientific Diving

The three marine stations EMBRC-France propose scientific diving technical services with qualified staff, equipment - including filling station and premises dedicated to this activity. All vessels of the three marine stations may be used to support these diving activities. These services coordinate all diving activities stations EMBRC France, to assist in the realization of all your projects requiring the use of scuba diving: 

  • Wildlife harvesting and marine flora
  • Realization of underwater observations (visual inspection and or picture / video)
  • Implementation of visual inspection methods, sampling protocols or experiments
  • Deployment of sensors and maintenance
  • Training actions

Depending on your project, these services can act independently (eg. Wildlife crop & marine life) or to provide logistical and technical organization of your dives, supervision of the overall safety of these interventions, and provide help on field. They can also bring you expertise upstream of your projects for example for the selection of study sites, protocols adaptation and selection of necessary equipment. Our diving services have the necessary administrative authorizations (in particular mandatory authorizations of biological material harvest in diving). Diving activities are strictly regulated by national regulations on scientific diving, including:

  • Decree No. 2011-45 of 11 January 2011 on the protection of workers involved in hyperbaric environment.
  • Decree of 30 October 2012 defining the procedures for access, stay, exit and work organization for hyperbaric interventions performed with immersion in the context of the statement B "techniques, sciences and other interventions."

Main equipment​

  • Individual equipment (blocks: Regulators / stab, etc.)
  • Inflation Station
  • dedicated facilities (locker rooms, technical spaces)
  • Vehicle & trailer (for work on remote sites)
  • Specific equipment (eg. sucking, underwater drilling, lifting equipment, carrots, face mask, etc.)
  • Photo Equipment / underwater video