Vessels and light crafts


The three stations have EMBRC-France water resources for the realization of campaigns in coastal areas, to : ​

  • supporting research programs in various disciplines;
  • perform biological material crops for research or teaching
  • support the observation activities of the coastal zone and marine educational disciplines
  • test new board equipment or instruments.

Main equipment :​

  • Three vessels with a length> 10m., armed coastal fishing and operate up to 20 miles offshore. These vessels are built in Very High Research Infrastructure " French Oceanographic Fleet ", but located in the stations that provide programming.
  • Seven lighter boats length <10 m. Versatile, sometimes transportable, these units provide access to the very coastal waters (< 5 milles), including very small base (ex. estuaries).

The use of ships is based on day trips or half-day. However, it is possible to organize campaigns for night or several days, up to the arming of the ship.

These vessels, especially small units, can also be used as support for scientific diving activities. 

Miscellaneous fishing gear, scientific equipment and instrumentation can be provided on these ships for the realization of campaigns at sea. These equipment fleets are owned or managed by stations in station on behalf of the Coastal Park Océnanographique (relocated park) .
These ships have the scientific fishing authorizations necessary for the realization of sampling campaign at sea.