Unicellular microorganisms

EMBRC-France has several culture collections that bring together more than 3,000 single-celled strains of microorganisms (microalgae, prokaryotes, viruses)

  • Mediterranean Culture Collection of Villefranche-sur-Mer (MCCV)

The Mediterranean Culture Collection of Villefranche (MCCV) is a new collection of marine microplanktonic organisms isolated mainly from Mediterranean Sea and especially from the Bay of Villefranche. Those protists can be auto-, mixo- or hetero-trophic organisms. Currently, MCCV is focused on dinoflagellates and diatoms. The Mediterranean Culture Collection of Villefranche also maintains some benthic unicellular auto- or mixo-trophic strains, such as the toxic genus Ostreopsis and the associated microalgae.


  • Roscoff Culture Collection (RCC)

The Roscoff Culture Collection maintains thousands of microalgae strains of bacteria, viruses, each identified by a unique code RCC. The strains are kept alive in a liquid medium with regular transplanting cryopreserved or condition. They are provided to users on demand inoculum living 30ml.

You can search on the RCC strains on this website (below how to reach) or directly on the website of the RCC culture collection