Electronical Microscpy

Preparation of biological samples for MET observation:

  • Fixation, dehydration and inclusion for ultrastructural analysis
  • immunocytochemical techniques with markings to colloidal gold in pre or post coating,
  • Cryo-techniques: cryo-fixation, cryo-substitution, cryo-cuts,
  • Negative staining of macromolecules and cellular fractions
  • fine cuts and cryo-sections followed contrast

Preparation of biological samples for SEM observation :

  • Métallisation et dessiccation par contournement du point critique

Optical microscopy (photonics)

  • Visualization and localization of fluorescent molecules in confocal microscopy and video microscopy
  • Study of the dynamics of migration and subcellular compartments.
  • Spectral analysis to autofluorescence
  • Multidimensional acquisition field video microscopy to track events on live samples, as well as structured illumination (apotome).
  • Three-dimensional reconstruction, quantification (fluorescence, counting, pattern recognition, etc.)
  • Mosaic
  • Processing and Image Analysis