Imaging platforms EMBRC-France offer high level of services for visualization, analysis of the structure, dynamics, interactions and functions of biological samples. EMBRC France-directs users to the most appropriate imaging systems and provides a framework for conducting experiments and progressive training to independence.

The platform IMAGING EMBRC-France has three resources, organized into three sites: 

  • Merimage platform of the Station Biologique de Roscoff (optical and electronical microscopy)
  • Cytometry platform-imaging of the Oceanographic Observatory of Banyuls (optical microscopy, flow cytometry)
  • Imaging Platform Villefranche s / Mer (PIV) at the Institut de la mer de Villefranche (optical microscopy and quantitative imaging)

Service Offer

  • Provision of equipment independently ( after appropriate training to qualified personnel) or with assistance of an engineer
  • Services

Involvement in networks and infrastructure​

  • The RCCM "Network Common Microscopy Centres"
  • The RTmfm "multidimensional fluorescence microscopy Network Photonics'


  • Labeling IBISA
  • Quality process according to ISO 9001
  • Cytometry platform of the Oceanographic Observatory of Banyuls s / Mer is labeled by INSU in 2008 (ocean-atmosphere section) as part of its mission to " National Analysis Service ". It includes support analyzes Observation Mid Coast Service (SOMLIT) French and provides counts of picoplankton and marine bacteria to the national base SOMLIT data.